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PC Build Log 2017- 1 of 2

So I recently wondered if I should update my CPU and mainboard to something more timely than the old 4770k I was using.
But after looking at most gaming-benchmarks, even the most high-end combos will only gain me a very minor boost,
So instead of investing heavily in an new CPU/Mainboard/RAM-Setup, I decided to make the jump towards a custom watercooling loop. And just to make it a bit more interesting I choose a hardline-loop as my goal. Continue reading PC Build Log 2017- 1 of 2


Durahcell 3.0 has launched, new site after 13 years

It took quite some time, but finally it’s here.

Welcome to Durahcell 3.0

Due to some unfortunate mishaps, the old site got deleted and I never had enough time to wrap my head around WP.

Hopefully though, this site will be around even longer than the second iteration, which lasted about 12 years.

On this site I will publish small blog-posts and updates about my activities and try to keep you up to date on the releases of videos.